Outstanding Learning Adventures

This school has fish and coral reefs, mangrove estuaries and teeming rainforests. These are the natural classrooms where we learn of and experience the wonders of belize's rich natural environment. Our cultural interaction takes place at a farm in the jungle, an island fishing camp, a community basketball court and in the homes and villages of belize.

Our multi-disciplined educational trips are geared for high school level students. We teach skills like sea kayaking and marine navigation, snorkeling, scuba diving, bush craft and river travel. Our field studies involve lectures, presentations and projects ranging from population counts of crocodiles, monitoring the impact of human activity on coral reefs to traditional methods of rendering oil from coconuts or learning the dances that accompany traditional Garifuna drumming. If you are an educator, parent or student and have a desire to cross a threshold of new discovery, please visit our school program website at:

Educational Trips in Belize

Then contact us to receive further information and sample trip itineraries.