The Great Blue Hole - A Natural Wonder


 The Great Blue Hole - A Natural Wonder
 On this Belize vacation we will be sea kayaking out to the Lighthouse Reef Atoll in Belize's Barrier Reef just six nautical miles north of Island Expeditions' Basecamp in the Half Moon Caye Marine Reserve.

The Great Blue Hole BelizeThe Great Blue Hole Belize

A Nesting Colony on Half-moon Caye


A Nesting Colony

Flight Seat Sale from most Major US Cities to Belize...


We have been alerted that flights from US desinations to Belize are having a seat sale.  Some recent research for a client, we found return flights from Baltimore, MD (BWI) to Belize City (BZE) for $360, including all taxes.  Now that is a great deal, considering that same flight just a few days ago was worth $600-$800.

Island Expeditions Now Available on the App Store!


We are really excited to announce that for our 2012 Season, we have produced an iPhone app, which can now be downloaded from the Apple App Store!

Not only do we have all of our trip experiences, including detailed trip itineraries, we also have google maps on each of our trips at your fingertips.  What we are excited about for our booked guests is that we also have the complete Pre-Trip Information Package for each trip, including a mobile packing list.  You now have a mobile version of our packing list, so you can carry it with you in your pocket!

Happy Garifuna Settlement Day Belize


Here is a great video we found talking about the tradition of Garifuna drumming and dancing.  There is some great footage of the Settlement Day Celebrations about half way through.  We hope you enjoy!

Desere during Garifuna Settlement Day celebrations

Belize Wildlife - Spotted Eagle Ray


A Gale Visits Half Moon Caye, on Lighthouse Reef, Belize


A Gale Visits Half Moon Caye
 They call it “hard breeze”, when the wind comes up. And there is plenty of wind this far out to sea.

A Great Video on the The Belize Zoo - "The Best Little Zoo in the World"


We just found this fun little video on the "The Best Little Zoo in the World - The Belize Zoo" on youtube, and hope you find it entertaining. We spend a night at the zoo at the beginning of most of our trips, and are proud supporters of this zoo and its conservation efforts. All the animals are endemic to Belize and were rescued. We hope you enjoy!

The Best Little Zoo in the World - The Belize Zoo - Part 1

 The Best Little Zoo in the World - The Belize Zoo - Part 2

Why First Impressions Are so Important on a Belize Vacation, Or Any Vacation for that matter...


First Impressions in Belize

A first impression is like the single beat of a drum: it hangs in the air a moment, hollow with the promise of what is still to come. All that follows is not enough to erase or alter the lingering boom of that first impression. A trip abroad is full of first impressions: of the people you will be travelling with, of the people whose lives and comfort you have entrusted on this new voyage, of the strange new places you will discover.

More Updated Belize Flight Information & A Couple of Search Secrets...


Continental Flights to Belize

American Flights to Belize

We have also seen significant price drops from many major US points of departure, as well.  Although, the price drops are not quite as dramatic as what we've found out of Canada, there are some significant savings to be had.