Preparing for our 25th Season Specializing in Belize Vacations

2010/2011 Belize Season Preparations... Over the last 8 weeks my team has been working hard to get the trip pieces in place for our upcoming 2010/2011 Season in Belize, and now Mexico. All group lodge and special site reservations have been confirmed by our suppliers. We are now receiving our new equipment orders and preparing them for container shipment to Belize ahead of the season opening. Over the next 3 to 4 weeks, guide and yoga instructor schedules will be finalized.

Great Flight Deals to Belize…

We have some great tools to help you with research to get to Belize.  Recently, we found some great fares from a few different points of departure, which include:
  • Seattle to Belize City - SEA-BZE -  $565 USD
  • Dallas to Belize City - EWR - BZE - $670 USD
  • Los Angeles to Belize City - LAX - BZE - $608 USD
  • San Fransisco to Belize City - SFO - BZE - $608 USD
  • Denver to Belize City - DEN - BZE - $583 USD
  • Toronto to Belize City - YYZ - BZE - $506 CAD
  • Calgary to Belize City - YYC - BZE - $1019 CAD

Great News! New Jaguar Wildlife Sanctuary, recently created in Belize.

Here is a great article from National Geographic regarding the newly minted Labouring Creek Jaguar Corridor Wildlife Sanctuary, located between Belize City and the capital Belmopan.  A 7,000 acre piece of crown land has been set aside for these great cats.  Click here for more details....

No Oil affects in Belize, Yucatan, Mexico and the Western Caribbean

We are all saddened by BP oil disaster in the Gulf and have been following the developments with  great concern. Our hearts go out  for the people and the marine life in the region that have been so critically affected.

Invasive Lionfish sighted on the coral reefs of Belize

We have had many recent sightings of the invasive Indo-Pacific Lionfish on the coral reefs of Belize. We have seen them in great numbers at Glovers Reef as well out at Lighthouse Reef.

Sun Protection and Hydration in the Tropics of Belize

Tropical vacations appeal to many travelers because of the outstanding climate and beautiful scenery that tropical countries have to offer. While warm weather and plenty of sunshine provide excellent conditions for outdoor adventures and enjoying gorgeous beaches, the same combination can also lead to sunburn and dehydration when travelers are not careful. Fortunately however, simply by preparing yourself for such conditions and taking certain precautionary measures, you can protect yourself from the sun and heat so you will be able to enjoy every moment of your tropical getaway.