Island Expeditions: Belize Photography

Belize is a country where every turn seems to lead to a great picture

From excited kids swarming a village street in their school uniforms, an wizened somber face framed by a weathered wooden-shuttered window, a wild peccary rooting on a riverbank or an awe-filled panorama as the morning sun burns off the rainforest mist in the Maya Mountains. These are some of the timeless images that await the traveler. Most of the images on this website have been taken on Island Expeditions trips and provide a good sense of the photographic opportunities that await you with Island Expeditions in Belize.

Trips that include photography in Belize, are as follows:

Glovers Reef & Mayan Caves
Lighthouse Reef Adventure
Paradise Islands  
Ultimate Adventure
Maya Reef Explorer
Glovers Getaway  
Lighthouse Getaway
Wild South
Rainforest Canopy Extension
Maya World Extension